Monash University Learning & Teaching Building

The Monash Learning and Teaching Building (LTB) comprises of a range of learning and teaching spaces (formal and informal) for University Teaching and Monash College, as well as staff accommodation and associated support facilities for the Office of the Vice-Provost Learning & Teaching (OVPLT) and the Faculty of Education.

To the west of LTB, the existing bus interchange will be substantially upgraded to meet future demand and provide a new gateway into Clayton campus.

The existing S1 car park to the east of LTB will make way for a Basement Car Park which will accommodate approximately 820 cars across 4 underground levels. Also located within the basement is the Southern Precinct Bicycle Arrival Station (SBAS) providing bicycle parking and associated amenities for students and staff.

The LTB project includes substantial External Works and Landscape, including Bus Interchange, Northern Plaza & Exhibition Walk (above the Basement Car Park).

The engineering systems proposed for the development shall provide a quality solution commensurate with a high end educational development.


Total Value: $13,625,000

Project Duration: 15 months

Expected Peak: 40 employees

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